Ab Challenge completed

4 weeks of drinking on average 6-7 glasses of water and 2 servings of vegetables and well the challenge is over.



Drinking water seems easy enough but I may be one of few people who just thinks water taste boring and finds no interest in it. So getting in those glasses of water was difficult for that reason and because who really drinks that much water.

Well luckily I used one of my phone apps to track the daily consumption of water intake. One of the changes that I made to facilitate my water intake was when I went out to eat instead of getting a soda or tea I opted for water.

Two benefits of that is water is free and it helped get that daily water intake.

Getting those vegetable servings was not difficult just because I like vegetables, broccoli is my favorite. In an effort to ensure I had all my vegetables for the next couple of weeks I bought frozen vegetables because I know myself and I tend to forget about the vegetables I’ve bought until they’ve gone bad.

Now I’ve always been told it’s not just about working out but nutrition can really make or break achieving that physical/fitness goal. My personal fitness goal has always been just to get toned because honestly weight is just a number people can weigh the same but it make look different.

I noticed a physical and overall felt better as I ate healthier. I didn’t feel tired throughout the day, I had energy to burn.

So of course one of the key parts of the Ab Challenge for I Love Kickboxing was to attend a minimum of 15 classes, pretty certain I surpassed that this month. Not only because of the challenge but you see the studio just got this fancy screen where you can see your heart rate and the calories you burn as a result of what zone you’re in. Needless to say I was quite intrigued to try it out (so I bought one) and it gave me the extra push I needed.

In addition to this there was a workout routine every week and because I lack the self-discipline to do the routine on my own (blame work, tired, etc) after every class I was that student to say, “can we do the ab challenge”.

And although the ab challenge is over and I may not have a six-pack. You will for sure still catch me at the pool this summer showing off my midriff. If anything this challenge has really shown me that nutrition is key (yes there is one person who has been harping this to me for years) but it’s not until you start to see your body transform that you really believe it.

My fourth week of the challenge was not the greatest we’ll just say I let life get the best of my eating habits. However going forth I will be trying to make that conscious effort to drink more water make healthier eating choices.

My job always has me on the go but it’s having healthy snacks on the go, water, picking a healthy place to eat not just a fast food restaurant.

On to the next challenge…

23 days down #45daytransformation

Pretty much half way through the 45 day transformation challenge of I Love Kickboxing. To say it’s been easy would be a lie but it has got better. The hardest part for me has and will always be nutrition.

Meal prep is essential. Now have I done this 100 percent of the time all 23 days? Not quite. I do try to meal prep Monday to Friday. I try to get up early to get my workout in which means I have a limited amount of time to get ready for work and have breakfast.

With all the calories you burn in kickboxing its important to fuel up. So for breakfast I make a quick protein shake with some strawberries/blueberries, greek yogurt and lactose free milk.

For lunch its a bit more difficult due to work to actually just take my prepped meal with me because I’m on the go. It’s the reporter life running from one place to another, my car is my office. So my next option is picking a healthy place to eat.

Shout out to Zoe’s Kitchen it has become my go to lunch spot for their Greek Salad.

Dinner I usually prep on Sunday or Monday for at least three days out. Meal prepping really does make it easier to stay on the healthy eating track.

I have to say I have noticed some slight changes. Although I can’t wait for it be over just so I can eat some of my favorite foods like fries, I will probably continue meal prepping even after it’s over. Almost half-way to the end.






Week 1 of the 45 day challenge

It takes about 21 days to break a habit according to some research. So needless to say the first week to eat healthy cutting out sweets, carbs (mainly bread) and drinking more water has bee anything but easy.

In many ways it really is mind over matter. I started the challenge with a pretty good idea of what I would cook for the week (chicken, shrimp, tilapia) and sweets for the week consisting of fruits. Of course also throwing in some vegetables as well.

I meal prepped Sunday and Monday which made it easy because those were days that I wasn’t working or getting home late. The hiccup I ran into is that I hadn’t planned that I may have not cooked enough so Wednesday I was back in the kitchen.

Working out hasn’t been much of a challenge because usually I try to make it to kickboxing in the a.m. to ensure I make I get it in. Although when I sleep in and go straight to work I make it a priority to go after work.


Where I have been struggling in my personal fitness routine is adding weight training and going to runs. This past week got a little cold and honestly who likes to run on the treadmill? But this week I will do better.

My goals for this challenge aren’t so much to lose weight but get toned. My obstacle has always been nutrition. Meal prepping is helpful to ensure at least the meals are ready to go.

I also forgot to mention that this past Friday I also took my wellness exam for work (you know the one to get a discount) and the results are in I passed 5/5. So it is not just about looking healthy but the benefits in general.

On to week 2 of the 45 day challenge.

Good bye 2017, hello 2018

2017 was a great year although it started a bit rough. The beginning of the year included a car accident. After my apartment flooded 4 times in a span of less than 2 months, my boyfriend and I had to look for a new apartment complex. It was a huge frustration to say the least.

However como dice el dicho, ‘dios aprieta pero no ahorca’. Basically god may test you but will not leave you (the literal English translation doesn’t quite explain it).


So after a rough first few months I was looking forward to celebrating my 30th in Riviera Maya, Quintana Roo, Mexico.

Not only was I excited to celebrate with friends in MX the big 3-0 but to also take my boyfriend out of the country for the first time.


It was a great experience for both of us. I also took some risks that I under normal circumstances would not take because of my fear of heights and well dying. Parasailing, repelling and of course flying (getting better about this).


2017 has truly shown me that despite when things get bad there is always light at the end of the tunnel and things do get better. You just have to have faith.

Shortly before our trip to Mexico. I was  overworking myself because that’s just who I am. I didn’t give myself any ‘me’ time. However, my hardwork did not go unrecognized, Mundo Hispanico named me the reporter of the quarter. I was surprised and greatful.

So  after a great birthday vacation I knew I had to get back to the workout routine but this time I needed a gym that would push me. I decided to check out I Love Kickboxing. I bought the trial. After the first class I really enjoyed it but the cost made me question if I should or shouldn’t.

On my last trial date, I figured I’d make it work. So for the last 6 months I have been hitting the bags. It has meant waking up at 5 a.m. to ensure I get my workout in for the day.

For 2018 I am planning to take more ‘me’ time, work hard but actually disconnect when I get off. I know I can’t completely do this just because news is always happening.



I have a job that our work is never really over but I need to set some boundaries for my personal sanity.

I love what I do and I want to continue to do it for as long as I can and most importantly for as long as it doesn’t feel like a job. I don’t want to get burnt out and lose the passion. 2018 I plan to travel more and surround myself with positive energy. I plan to reestablish my blog that I left by the wayside.

Shape-up program, shaped me up

Well my goal was to get my body fat percentage to 20% and after 4 weeks I’m down to 24.1%.

I’m not at my goal yet but I’m in my way. I have several take always from the program. 

  • Healthy eating makes a difference. Its not just about healthy eating but eating three meals a day and having your snacks for the day ready.
  • Meal prep makes it easier to get to the goal. Planing and cooking on Sunday makes it easier to eat healthy and then during the work week you aren’t tempted to eat out. It’s a money saver. 
  • Planning and priority is key to get the workouts in.  Also it doesn’t hurt that if you skip out there’s a $15 charge. For my schedule morning workouts were best. My schedule was Monday- Wednesday strength, Thursday and Saturday were cardio days. Friday and Sunday were active rest days. 

As a person who enjoys cardio limiting my cardio to two days a week was a bit difficult but all of the Grit classes incorporate cardio. So I did get my cardio fix in. I would also say that it seeing my results also reiterates the importance of having a well-rounded workout.

Now what were the obstacles?

  • Time management for cooking
  • Having cooking ideas, this was my biggest struggle for dinner.

The win

  • Starting a new habit of designating days for strength and cardio.
  • Meal prep saves money and in the long run time (if you do it all in one day)

All in all I learned a lot. As I gear up for my 8 mile Turkey Trot and marathon relay, I will be incorporating my new habits.

For my next step I think I need to look into cooking classes or cook books. Any recommendations?

Week 3 ends and week 4 begins

After pretty much failing at meal prep during week 2. I stepped it up for week 3.

And it paid off I lost a pound and lost 1% of body fat, down to 24.1%. My goal for the 4 week shape up has been to be at 20%. 

What I am learning is you have to make time to workout but most of all to truly take charge of your health.

Its not just about working out but eating right and getting your rest.

Not only has meal planning helped ensure that I am eating healthy but I’ve noticed that I save money too. Typically I would go to lunch everyday but now I just pop in the microwave my meal. 

Breakfast has always been a challenged but with Megan’s great suggestions on getting protein in and nutrients has made it much easier.

I’m looking forward to finishing out week 4 strong. I’ve signed up for some additional classes.

Week 2 was a struggle

Shape-up program week 2 was a meal prep failure. It all started Sunday with the Bears v. Cowboys game instead of the Lulu v. cooking.

So with that I intended to meal prep Monday but life just seemed to get in the way. So I tried to make some healthy choices when I went out to eat but by the weekend it somewhat had gone out the window.

Although my workout routine did not except for when I got a blow out on my tire on my way to class :(. I did stick to the rest. I found I miss my daily runs but every class has a bit of cardio and has me sweating just as much as if I was running outside.

I took cycling on Friday and really made me want to get a bike. I am looking forward to this weeks classes.

So what was the result?

Well I lost .4 of a pound, which weight loss is not my intention and I gained 1% body fat bringing me to 25%. My goal by the end of the 4 weeks is to be at 20% body fat.

With this goal in mind, I have kicked off week three! I can’t believe it is already week 3 :(.

Sunday I went grocery shopping with my meal prep list. Many of the items I already had at home. Also for work I attended a cooking matters class which teaches people to cook on a budget but healthy. There I heard them discuss the difference between fresh, frozen and canned.

I knew for my meals this week vegetables are essential to get my nutrients but I didn’t want to chop. I purchased frozen mixed vegetables and looked at the labels to see which did not have much sodium. Because I will just put it out there I do love my salt.

I cooked tilapia, brown rice and vegetables for the week. Stay tuned for how this week goes.

1 week down 3 more to go

I enjoy working out and running but after a while I’ve been getting bored of my routine. I  wanted to find a program that focused on fitness and food.

Grit Fitness’ Shape up program does just that and more. 

The program is 4 weeks and kicked off on Sept 18. There are two workout options. One focuses on body fat % and the second is weight loss.

I have opted to reduce my body fat %. 

Each week you schedule your workouts at Grit Fitness making sure you have cardio,strength and flexibility included. 

For my workout program I do 3 strength classes 2 cardio and 2 flexibility. I’m not going to lie the first week was difficult physically.

Getting up early was hard but its a great way to make sure I get my workout in, no excuses. 

My goal for week 1 was not only about yhe physical but nutrition. Breakfast may be the most important part of  day but I tend to always skip. So last week I had some type of breakfast-  eggs,  smoothie, almond butter and apple. 

The results for that efforts are in, I successfully decreased my body weight by 4% my goal is to get my body fat into the to athlete range of 15% to 20%.

I do think meal planing had been the reason why I’ve already begun to see changes. 

I’m not much of a cook so our Facebook support group has been great to get ideas and Megan’s meal prep calendar and recipes are awesome and simple.  It allows for an easy grocery shopping list and trip.

Revolution cycling spotlight party

After a long week of work it’s great to hit happy hour. Today I checked out Grit Fitness’ happy hour which was turbokick and truth be told I’m doing the 4 week shape-up program.  (I’ll be blogging about it week by week, week 1 concludes Sunday 😅)

Turbo Kick definitely kicked up my heart rate.

Grit never disappoints and next week, Friday Sept. 30 is sure to have you sweating out all that work stress. 

Grit Fitness will have REVOLUTION Cycle Spotlight Party at their Design District location,  1729 Irving Blvd., #101, Dallas, TX 75207.

Complimentary classes begin at 5:30 and 6:30PM. There will be drinks, treats, raffles, a photobooth and a special gift for the first 100 guests.

Sign up and reserve a bike at dallasgritfitness.com/schedule

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